A Twangled Web

by Thad Povey

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As well as being a longtime local filmmaker, Thad Povey is a founding member of San Francisco’s alt-jug band The Goat Family. (If alt-jug isn’t a thing, it should be). Beloved for their raucous shows, caterwauling vocals, homemade instruments, and witty original songwriting, the Goats have been playing around the West Coast since 2004.

A Twangled Web takes the Goat Family’s affinity for Americana music and adds in a love of showtunes, bombastic rock arrangements, bossa nova, and electric guitar twang.

"Being a celluloid experimental filmmaker for many years, I'm familiar with the frustration of having to repeatedly convert my analog films to ever more complex formats – videotape, dvd, digital, on-line streaming etc. So in recent years, I've undertaken the task of converting my films to folk songs, the most durable medium known to humankind."


released December 28, 2016

All instruments and vocals are by Thad, save for the following amazing contributions:
Lead Vocals:
Mimi Heft (Brazillion Aire)
Lisa Cooper (Dead Giveaway)
Norman Carley (Dried Up River)
Chris Santeramo (Maddy Gray)
Myles Boisen (lap steel on Dead Giveaway)
Eric Saxby (accordion on Maddy Gray)
Backing vocalists are Mimi Heft, Aislinn Harvey, Isabel Povey, Zoe Fassler, Chris Santeramo, Dan Janos, Rock Ross, and Eric Saxby.

Special thanks go to Janet Bishop, Anne Hamersky, Leslie Veen, Mark Growden, Nigel Berkeley, The Goat Family, and all those at the New Nothing.

Mixing and mastering is by Myles Boisen.
Cover art by TP from the collection of Robin Turgesen.
Graphic design by Mimi Heft.



all rights reserved


A Twangled Web San Francisco, California

A member of the Goat Family and San Francisco's underground film community.

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Track Name: Dead Giveaway
Dead Giveaway

Time to hang up your anger – hang it up on the wall
With your rifle and saddle – leave your boots by the door
‘Cause the black hat you’re wearing – gonna give you away
It’s a dead giveaway

You know the posse is coming – and they’re gunning for you
They’ve talked to your women – the ones that you screwed
Well the hearts that were broken – gonna give you away
It’s a dead giveaway

If the dogs’ lose the trail – where you entered the stream
That might buy you ‘til morning – to dream up some scheme
But the blood in the water – gonna give you away
It’s a dead giveaway

The bullet was anger – that ended your life
I watched for your last breath – to turn out the light
But the words I heard spoken – they’re a dead giveaway

Come carry me home, I’m through being alone
Scatter my bones and carry me home
Track Name: Now You See Me
Now You See Me

Now you see me, now you don’t
Thought I’d always be round but I probably won’t
Might leave you gasping in a puff of smoke
Let’s make some magic now before the curtain falls down

I got me a bunny in a stove-pipe hat
A coin from behind an ear – now how’d I do that?
So little time to make the ace come back
Let’s make some magic now before the curtain falls down

What’s real might seem so clear
But just pick a card, my dear
Next thing you know, you’re part of the show
And your wallet, now where did that thing go?

This life we treasure, it’s just a game
Tomorrow’s another town with another name
The ground that you’re standing on, it’s just a dream
Let’s make some magic now (stop and bass riff to bridge)

You’re not going to need your wallet when you go…

I’ll make your jaw drop, I’ll make you laugh
Climb in this box here and I’ll saw you in half
The clock is ticking and the end might be near
Let’s make some magic now (before the curtain)
Let’s make some magic now (before the curtain)
Let’s make some magic now before the curtain falls on down
Track Name: Hasil Jakebrake
Hasil Jakebrake

Well he rolls just like the wind and he wears the celluloid thin
He’s Hasil Jakebrake – Independent Filmtrucker
The sprockets count the miles off, like a picket fence in interlock
And Hasil he don’t look back, he’s an outlaw

Pa: Hey Ma, did you see that trucker go?
Ma: How’d he do a film that fine with only 30K?
Boy: Hey mister! Hey mister! I’m gonna be just like him when I grow up….

Yeah his logic’s convoluted, he’s eternally persecuted
The rig he rides is obsolete and ornery
With a Bolex by his side, he’s like a Don Quixote in his stride
You touch his 16 and you’ll see his fury

Smokey: Hey boy, you pull that rig over, you hear? You can’t cut a sequence like that, it’s nothing but jump cuts! Lemme see your press kit! You got any distribution?

Well, I don’t care if I do dah, do dah, do dah, do….

“Will I see this big rig home? Will my final cut get fin’ly shown?
And why does every highway lead to L.A?
To Hollywood I said, “Be damned!
That door is closed, I heard it slam!
I’ll stay out on the highway shooting Plus-X.”

Here he comes again - Hasil Jakebrake - And there he goes
Look out! - Hasil Jakebrake
Hasil Jakebrake
Track Name: Alma Perdida
Alma Perdida

¿Dónde está Alma? ¿Mi Alma?
Ella prometió esperarme
Y para ella, he cruzado el desierto alto

Ahora escucho mi Alma
Ella se fue a buscar para mí
Al amanecer en un caballo que ella ha robado

Así que hacia el desierto vuelvo otra vez!

Aquí vengo Alma, aquí vengo Alma!
Aquí vengo Alma - mi corazón llora!

Él viene Alma, Él viene Alma
Él viene Alma - su corazón llora!

(English translation)
Where is Alma? My Alma?
She promised to wait
And for her, I've crossed the high desert.

Now I hear my Alma
She’s left to search for me
At daybreak on a horse that she's stolen

So I return to the desert again!

Here I come Alma, here I come Alma
Here I come Alma – my heart cries!

He’s coming Alma, he’s coming Alma
He’s coming Alma – his heart cries!
Track Name: Maddie Gray
Maddie Gray

Well the rooster made my mind up for me
Woke me from those many years spent half asleep
By the time the sun had risen
I was already long and gone away
Away from Maddie Gray

The second verse is always harder than the first
The tune sounds lazy, choice of word is worse
I was young, she was all that I needed
Now I’m long and gone away
Gone from my Maddie Gray

Maddie Gray, don’t you dwell upon
Don’t believe your summers done and gone
I can’t say what all now we’ve become
But our shadows long and it fades away
Like Maddie Gray

It can’t be seen, it can’t be felt, it can’t be heard
But it’s right there ‘tween each and every word
It’s good-bye now my Maddie
I’m a long, long, long and gone away
Away from Maddie Gray
Track Name: Rattlesnake Road
Rattlesnake Road

Rattlesnake dead at the side of the road
Old man kick at the snake with his toe
Come over here gotta story to say
Start out as dirt and end up that way

Find me out here at the end-a the day
Watching them fools a’roll on their way
Their faces are calm, their foreheads are cool
They’re staring at me like I’m an idiot fool

But they can’t hear it - the things that I hear
I hear the world – and it’s a sad, sad sound
Could be its sayin’ goodbye

When I was young I played with my toys
But I wandered away to follow the noise
I found this old world’s falling apart
Sounds like a snake being crushed in the heart

Betcha can hear it – this thing that I hear
Get down and listen – you’ll hear the sad, sad sound
You’ll hear it saying goodbye

Hope you can hear it – you hear what I do
Be still and listen – goodbye
Track Name: Dried Up River
Dried Up River

There’s a ghost down on the highway with a rifle in his hand
And he’s pointing that thing my way and I’m frozen where I stand

How I got here ain’t no telling, staring death right in the eye
But the bullet’s in the chamber, I never said my last goodbye

Oh it’s just another dried up river and not a raincloud in the sky
What’s a man to do but linger
When his time has come to die?

Never was one much for praying, figured God was just a lie
Told by some old dirty preacher who lifts your wallet on the sly

But praying’s what I’m doing right now on my knees down in the dust
Acting like some cardboard hero with not a soul that he can trust

Oh it’s just another dried up river and not a raincloud in the sky
I’ve always given God the finger
Now I‘m kinda wondering why

They say it all goes by like water, everything you ever done
All the good, the bad, the boring, when you’re staring down a gun

But now that ghost he’s kinda smiling and he turns and walks away
With a word back o’er his shoulder, “Today just ain’t your dying day”

Oh it’s just another dried up river and not a raincloud in the sky
But can you trust the song or singer?
Is there truth wrapped in my lie?

Oh it’s just another dried up river…
Track Name: New Years Again
New Years Again

Here’s Johnny-Come-Lately and there’s good old Plain Jane
They’ll sit at the bar and they’ll drink and complain
About the police and the lawyers, ‘bout the whole human race
Then they’ll knock back another and stare into space
What are they looking for when they look to the door?

Way back in the corner sits old G.I. Joe
He’ll show you his scar from a war long ago
But he’s guarding that jukebox, so watch what you play
Some songs are reminders of things blown away
What is he listening for?
Will it bust through that door?

Now up on the TV, they count back from ten
We get to start over; it’s New Year’s again (x2)
We’re all starting over

Now cool Even Steven hits on Second-hand Rose
And dear Lazy Susan – “Another round” ‘s how she goes
But they know the hour and they know they can’t stay
It’s last call so drink up, then be on your way
Who are they looking for? Who do they listen for?
Who keeps them waiting on New Year’s again?
It’s a new year again…